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Services cancelled: Dec 25th and 27th

We’ve been watching the daily news regarding the Northern Beaches outbreak of the coronavirus, as we’re sure you all have been too.

Given carriers of the virus have been visiting various locations within the Upper North Shore over the last week (including Hornsby and Waitara), the decision has been made to cancel our services on the 25th and 27th of December and offer online services in their place. Our sympathies are with you if this has thrown your Christmas plans into disarray, or has left you somewhat bereaved at the thought of not attending a service on Christmas Day. We understand that for some this may be the first Christmas in their life that this has happened. We’re sorry.

Please avail yourself of our online services which can be found here:

One helpful suggestion has been to watch the service at 10am each day, if only to gain a semblance of being together. The services will be available before that time for those whose days don’t allow this.

Hopefully we will be back meeting at our church building for the first Sunday of the New Year, Jan 3rd.

Thanks for your understanding!