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Minister’s Letter – Patience Endurance

The section of John’s Gospel that we are studying over summer (chapters 13-17) includes the promise that Jesus will ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit to be with the disciples. What does the Holy Spirit do once he’s with us? Elsewhere in the New Testament (Galatians 5:22) we read how he produces the fruit of patience

If there has ever been a time when our patience has been tested, it’s been over the last two years! Perhaps this is one of the spiritual lenses through which we can view the pandemic; as well as testing our faith, courage, and willingness to obey earthly authorities, COVID-19 has been a test of our forbearance. We’ve waited for lockdowns to end, we’ve endured home schooling, we’ve waited to access vaccinees, now we are waiting for more RATs to become available. But remember, to be patient is to be an imitator of God, who patiently waits for sinners to turn to him with faith and repentance (Romans 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9). And who knows, your example of patience might impress itself upon others and form part of your witness to them. Pray that Spirit will use the pandemic to produce the fruit of patient endurance within us.