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Minister’s Letter – What I’ve learnt praying for Hindus (so far)

Minister’s letter – What I’ve learnt praying for Hindus (so far)

I remember Tim Keller (a pastor from the US) saying that a good evangelistic strategy is to identify how Jesus addresses the hopes and fears of the people we are trying to reach. With that in mind, here are some possible contact points with Hindu people, sparked by some things I’ve learnt through the prayer guide I mentioned last week (I still have copies if you are interested!).

1.     Jesus is how we achieve Darshan, to behold or look upon God. The goal of idol worship is to behold God, but Jesus has revealed God to us (John 1:18), and those who trust in Christ will see God in the age to come (1 Cor 13:12).

2.     We can share in Jesus’ perfect Dharma, the fulfillment of his responsibilities towards his family, society and towards God. Jesus honoured his family and his God, and because we are united with him (John 17:26), we too can share in this achievement.

3.     In Jesus we have one who has performed perfect religious rituals on our behalf (Hebrews 10:14). The ongoing programme of ritual followed by many Hindus is something from which Jesus can free us.

Keep praying for Christ to make himself known to our Hindu neighbours!

Martin Kemp