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Minister’s Letter – Welcome back Morrisons!

Minister’s Letter – Welcome back Morrisons!

It was at the end of 2019 that we farewelled Matt and Leonie Morrison as they left our church after many years to take up ministry in North-Western Australia. Since then, Matt has been ordained as an Anglican Minister, and the family has welcomed two girls: Zoe and Sophia. 2020-21 saw them serving in Dongara (350 kms north of Perth), with a move 2000 kms further north to Broome this year. 

Last week I wrote about our steps in determining a ministry plan for the next five years. Of course, the future is in God’s hands and our plans might only align with his purposes to a certain extent. As wise as it is to plan our steps, we must be ready for God’s purposes to surprise us. When I first met Matt and Leonie, no-one would have guessed their story would contain the words ordinationBroomeZoe or Sophia! How prepared and willing are you for your ministry (and we each have a ministry) to look a little different to what you expect? Is it at all possible for your own future to involve a new ministry role? Ordination as a minister? A move interstate? A move overseas? Would you move your children to meet a gospel need? What do you imagine your children doing when they’re adults? Would you be happy for them to make the move westward as Matt and Leonie have done?  

Moving for the sake of mission is a Christian tradition as old as the Bible—examples abound in the New Testament! Let’s be open to it! 

Martin Kemp