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Minister’s Letter – The Origins of Mother’s Day

Minister’s letter – The Origins of Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Like many people, I thought Mother’s Day was an invention of greeting card manufacturers, but I’ve learnt that it has a Christian origin. Anna Jarvis established the first Mother’s Day commemoration as a church service in West Virginia in 1907. The concept took off, and soon Mother’s Day was celebrated more broadly. But Anna Jarvis was not pleased with the commercialisation of the day and campaigned against the celebration is subsequent years.

Those who know something of British culture would know that in the UK they celebrate Mothering Sunday a little earlier in the year. This day is also Christian in its origins. The original concept was that people would return to the church in which they were baptised, honouring the community that ‘mothered’ them in the faith.

Here at Waitara Anglican we recognise that the day brings mixed emotions for many people. Family life can be the source of great happiness but also deep grief. Yet, as Christians we know that giving thanks to God is part of our faith. God has given us the gift of life through our mums, and then the gift of new life through the Holy Spirit as we trust in Jesus. We give thanks to God for these gifts and for those who bring these gifts to us. We hope you enjoy your time with us today!

Martin Kemp