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Minister’s Letter – Thanking God for our Musicians

Feb 6 – Thanking God for our musicians

Think of the most up-to-date church possible. What would be involved? A screen-dependent experience, no paper involved at all? Sermons crafted by a bot, delivered by an avatar? Church conducted in the “metaverse”? What’s the music like? You do have music, prayers and teaching from the Bible, don’t you? In this sense we remain traditionalists: no matter how slick the delivery, somethings we’ll never move away from, such as music and singing (and to the list of essentials I’d add “church which is conducted in-person”, but that’s another topic).

At the Last Supper Jesus sung a hymn with his disciples (Mark 14:26), and the very first churches were instructed to sing praises to God (Ephesians 5:19, Colossians 3:16). That we sing today has us continuing in this important tradition (when not restricted by the pandemic).

I wish to thank our musicians who tirelessly support us every week. Many do so with little or no opportunity to have a break, and so our gratitude should overflow. One of our services has gone without live music for many years. Technology allows us to have recorded music at the 8:30 service, but it would be great to have someone play the piano for this important group of faithful parishioners. Even if it’s once a fortnight. Could this be you?

Martin Kemp