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Minister’s Letter – Praying about the floods (and any other disaster)

6th March 2022

Praying about the floods (and any other disaster)

One response to what we’ve been seeing on the news is to pray through these points, reflecting on the verses provided:

Because God controls all things, pray for the rain to stop. Job 37:14-16;

Because God has a heart for the afflicted, pray he will hear and help them. Psalm 10:14

Because humans are often sinful and foolish, pray we’ll repent of those actions that make nature more dangerous than it might otherwise be. Proverbs 19:30;

Because Jesus once used a disaster as an opportunity to warn people of the coming judgement of God, pray for your own eternal salvation. Luke 13:4-5;

Because God has established governments for our own good, pray for officials as they respond, both in the short and long term. Romans 13:4;

Because we’re to mourn with those who mourn, pray for those who’ve lost loved ones, homes, pets, and livelihoods. Romans 12:15;

Because we’re commanded to do good to all people, pray Christians will have opportunity and capacity to care for others. Galatians 6:10;

Because Christians are to love each other as a response to and demonstration of the gospel, pray they help one another. John 13:34-35;

Because we worship the God of Hope, pray those who feel hopeless will come to hear and know him. Romans 15:13.

Despite all the harrowing news this week, we hope you are encouraged by your time with us today!

Martin Kemp