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Minister’s letter – Partnering with our missionaries

Minister’s letter – Partnering with our missionaries

This week we welcome back Peter and Jo Ong, together with Teaghan, Lucas and Micaiah. For the last 10 years our church has supported them as they work with SIM (Serving in Mission) in Malawi.

When the Morrisons were with us, I wrote about God changing our plans to point us in the direction of missionary work. Hearing from missionaries not only challenges our plans but calls us to form ministry partnerships with those already in the field. What partnerships do you have with our missionaries? Here are some ideas:

1.     Subscribe to a missionary’s newsletter. I’ve found that I have grown as a Christian as I read about the joys and struggles of people who are serving in another context and as I pray for their needs. Ask the Ongs to add you to their list!
2.     Give financially to mission work. Such gifts are not only a gift to the missionary but to the countries and people they serve (who are almost certainly much poorer than us).
3.     Attend the SIM prayer meeting here at the church on the 3rd Sunday of Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct at 3pm.
4.     Attend a mission conference, such as CMS Summer School, Reachout or SIMWorld.

The Apostle Paul cherished his mission partnerships. Let’s share the same joy!

Martin Kemp