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Minister’s Letter – Occasional giver? Here are some one-off gifts!

Minister’s letter – Occasional giver? Here are some one-off gifts!

Here are some items that promise to enhance our ministry as a church. Most of these things have not been allocated a place in this year’s budget, so one-off donations would be an appropriate way to help pay for them. 

1.     Leader’s fees for the Square One children’s camp – $180 x 2

2.     Knock box for coffee grounds – $50

3.     Coffee tamper – $50 (or do you have one you’re not using?)

4.     Stainless steel milk jug for steamed milk – $25 x 3 (reg, skim, soy/almond etc. Or does anyone have a spare?)

5.     Stainless steel bench – $250 

6.     2nd hand coffee grinder – $350

If any of these items are things you’d like to purchase for the church, then simply forward the money to our church account (details below), with the item named in the description field.

Account Name:
All Saints Anglican Church, Waitara – General Fund 

Bank Details:
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BSB number:                                                                        Account Number:
062 181                                                                                              10006018

Details or description:
Please indicate which service you attend (8.30am, 10am, or 6pm) Gifts for specific ministries (e.g. property upgrades, mission, etc.) or purposes can also be identified in the description field. 

Martin Kemp