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Minister’s Letter – Ministry Think Tank news

Minister’s Letter – Ministry Think Tank news

At our annual general meeting earlier this year I mentioned how I feel our church needs a sharper ministry vision to shape and focus our efforts into the future. To that end this year’s ministry think tank is reading God Dreams by Will Mancini, a book which outlines a process to help churches develop a vision for what a successful ministry might look like.

Three chapters in and Mancini has cleared the ground, critiquing what often passes for ministry vision, but, in the end, is inadequate. He speaks of vision statements that are way too generic, vague, or even arrogant! Consider the statements “We want to be the best church” or “We want to be the biggest church”. Such proud statements are a turn-off for committed Christians. Most churches are self-aware enough to not state such claims, but these unstated goals do lie behind some ministries. How about “We want to make disciples of Jesus”? Laudably biblical, but way too general and vague to be useful.

Instead, Mancini posits that useful ministry vision is imaginative and specific to a church’s context in time and space, that is, relevant to its geographic location and season in life. The book goes on to outline a process for discerning what this might be. 

Please pray that God will be at work in our church as we discern how he would have us minister into the future.

Martin Kemp