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Minister’s Letter – Jehosha-who?

3rd April 2022


Can you name some Kings of the Old Testament? Saul, David, Solomon … it gets a bit tricky after that, doesn’t it? Maybe Ahab, perhaps Hezekiah. There was a boy-king who rediscovered the word of God … J … Jo … Josiah, that’s it!

2 Chronicles devotes chapters 17-20 to the reign of Jehoshaphat, King of the southern Israelite kingdom of Judah. It’s a lot of space compared to others; the author wants us to focus on him! His story is a fascinating study of finding your place in God’s plan.

As God fulfils his plans for Israel, Jehoshaphat is challenged as to where his trust lies and to the extent that he will act on that trust. There are moments of complete humility and reliance upon God. At one point he prays “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you” (20:12). God then wipes out the opposing army. At other times his trust wavers—he makes some foolhardy alliances with the wicked kings of the northern kingdom—yet his repentance is met with great mercy by God. 

Jesus, the true King, perfectly displays the trust God’s plan deserves (see Mark 14:35-36). Everyone is called to such trust when tempted to create our own path through life’s difficulties. The Bible is full of inspiration to keep trusting God’s ways—so keep reading!

Martin Kemp