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Minister’s Letter – Giving in Graphs, Part 3

Minister’s Letter – Giving in Graphs, Part 3.

Up until April, our weekly giving (red column) was approx. $340 per week behind budget (green column). If we were to act now (assuming May’s figures follow April’s pattern), then our weekly offertory needs to increase by $610 both to make budget and to make up for the shortfall so far.

How can we close this gap? In April we had 40 households give online. What if 7 of our “ghost givers” reappear? Then what if 5 households start giving through the offertory bags? Then what if 8 new givers come online? The 20 new and returning households alone could close the gap. On top of this, if those who already give increased their giving by between $5 – $10 per week, then the gap would well and truly be overcome. Lots of people taking small steps make a big difference!