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Minister’s Letter – Giving in Charts, Part 2.

Minister’s Letter – Giving in Charts, Part 2.

The chart below represents a phenomenon I call ‘ghosting’:

While we had 40 households give online in April 2022, there were 9 others who had given in previous months but disappeared from our list of doners. Like ‘ghosts’, their offertory vanished! Why might people ‘ghost’ in this way? Some move house and move churches. Some forget to renew their online giving. Some are only occasional givers. Some run into hardship. Some might even withhold their gift out of protest. I’m not aware of anyone in this final category, but who knows!

Having fewer ‘ghosts’ creates a better idea of our monthly income and helps with our planning. Is it time to renew your scheduled payment? Could you give regularly rather than occasionally? If hardship has come your way or there’s something about our church we can talk through, let’s chat and see what can be done.

And once more, let’s give thanks for everyone who contributes to our ministry!

Martin Kemp