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Minister’s Letter – Giving in Graphs, Part 1.

Minister’s Letter – Giving in charts, Part 1.

This graph demonstrates the risk involved in our current offertory profile: 

What if some of the blue households stopped giving? Our offertory would be significantly impacted! We can lessen our risk by seeing more households move from yellow to blue, from red to yellow, and, if they’re not on the chart already, into the red segment. 

Some notes regarding this graphic:

1. The graph represents the offertory received via online banking for the month of April, 2022. 

2. “Household” is understood in a very broad way, including families, couples, and individuals.

3. The graph doesn’t represent those who give via the silver letterbox or those who give in bulk amounts at other times of the year.

4. We should also note that people in our church give to other organisations too; this is not the sum-total of our generosity!

5. It can be startling seeing just how generous others are. Please note that every contribution makes a difference! On the other hand, there may be others who have assumed they are among the most generous, but now realise others give a lot more!

6. The graph ought to prompt us to give thanks for those who give so generously to our church’s ministry.