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Minister’s Letter – A Father to the Fatherless

Minister’s Letter – A Father to the Fatherless

This Father’s Day allow me to highlight one father from Christian history who serves as a challenging example of serving God whole-heartedly. 

George Muller (1805-98) was converted to Christ at the age of 20 after a wild youth. He moved from Germany to Britain aged 24 to receive ministry training, but it was on a visit back to his homeland that he discovered his life’s main vocation. For two months he found lodgings at a Christian orphanage that was fuelled by prayer and a steadfast faith that God would provide whatever was necessary for the ministry. This model inspired him to start something similar in Bristol, where his series of orphan houses grew to accommodate 2000 orphans at a time. It’s estimated that tens of thousands of needy children benefitted from his work, through which Muller sought to embody something true about God: that he is a “Father to the fatherless” (Psalm 68:5).

What can we learn from Muller? Plenty: caring for children is important work as it reflects God’s fatherly nature; God can achieve great things through hard working servants; prayer and faith in God’s provision are worthy traits for us to cultivate. May God’s Holy Spirit help us grow in these ways!

Martin Kemp