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HAWK Day 3

Episode 3: Justice, Justice

How did you enjoy looking for snakes yesterday? Isn’t it amazing that Jesus came as the snake crusher! Find out more today about God’s justice and how God’s kingdom is different from the world.

Here’s Richard and Axel….

Day 3 Introduction


How did you do in yesterday’s challenges? Listen to what the ‘Old Computer’ thought of your efforts…..

Day2- Results-Emma

Track how you are doing on our results table:

Challenges for today…..

  1. Three Blind Mice Challenge: Put a coin on the ground 2 body lengths away. With your eyes closed, throw a mini tissue pack towards the coin. How close can you get it? (If you don’t have a mini tissue packet, try a mini gummy bear packet or box of sultanas).
  2. Flying Challenge: Blow up a balloon and let go. How far can you make it go? (If you are in kindy to year 4, you might like to get help blowing up the balloon.)
  3. Foot to Hand Challenge: Kick a mini tissue packet up in air and catch it in your hand. How many times can you do it? (If you don’t have a mini tissue packet, try a juggling ball or mini handball).

Challenge of the week

Have your gadget ready by tomorrow to enter our competition. Send us your photos.

Submit your results for Day 3

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  • Don’t forget to email us pictures of your craft and your gadget if it is ready

Kingdom Seekers Video Day 3

Case #009: Justice, Justice


Time to stretch your legs and sing ‘Great big God’. Do you know the actions? Make some up if you don’t.

Great Big God!


Lots of fun craft activities for today. Dress up some paper dolls and make a key ring. Bake some lemon poppy seed muffins and create you own stop motion or comic strip. See details below.

Family Discussion

Print off the family discussion page and sit down with an adult to talk over what you have learnt today.

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