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HAWK Day 2

Episode 2: The Great Snake Dilemma

Welcome back to HAWK day 2, we hope you had fun meeting the Kingdom Seekers and making some things that are upside-down.

Here’s another message from Richard and Axel.

Day 2 Introduction


Here are the results from yesterday’s challenges….. click the sound file to hear what the ‘Old Computer’ has to say….


Track how you are doing, click below for the results table to see everyone’s score:

Challenges for today…..

  1. Spoonbill Challenge: Throw a spoon from one hand to your other, making it turn once end-on-end. How many times in a row can you do it without dropping.
  2. Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Challenge: Sing heads, shoulders, knees and toes, standing on one leg and doing the actions. How many times can you do this without falling over? (Like the Sheriff falling on the floor.)
  3. H.A.W.K Challenge: Spell Hawk with your body. Get your whole family involved if you can. Send us photos.

Challenge of the week

How is your gadget going? If you think you are done already, send us your photos. If your not done yet, don’t worry, you have until Thursday.

Submit your Day 2 results

  • Ask your parents if you can submit your results. Click on the link below to submit results for the ‘Spoonbill Challenge’ and ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Challenge’.
  • If you want to compete for virtual prizes, send us an email with your photo of your craft, ‘H.A.W.K Challenge’ and your gadget if it is ready.

Kingdom Seekers Video Day 2

Case #008: The Great Snake Dilemma


Time to jump up and sing! Listen carefully to how you can help the band sing. ‘One name, Jesus’!

“Nah nah (Hey) Nah nah (Hey) there is only one Jesus!”

One Name, Jesus!


Today you can make your own snakes and ladder game to play as a family. Try making some juggling balls and learn to juggle. What about a snake craft and puzzle? See below for details.

Family Discussion

Print off the family discussion page and sit down with an adult to talk over what you have learnt today.

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