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HAWK Day 1

Episode 1: The Upside Down Kingdom

We are so glad you have accepted the challenge of becoming a Kingdom Seeker these holidays!

Below you will find a variety of videos and printables you can choose to use for your own HAWK online at home experience. There is a song, a Kingdom Seekers video for each day and daily challenges. Further down you will find a variety of craft activities and a family discussion page.

But first a welcome message from Richard and Axel.

Day 1 Welcome


Everyday you will have three challenges. Try hard, have fun, laugh a lot and see how well you go. They are a little bit silly.

How to compete in the challenges?

Record your results. Download the table below and write down your best score for each challenge. Ask your parents if you can submit your results by the links below and by email. You don’t need to be registered to compete.

Submit your results by 6pm. See details further down under the challenges.

The “Old Computer” will work hard every night collating the results.

Points will be awarded for each entry and bonus points for being creative, imaginative and even results that are closest to Emma’s.

Only submit once, we don’t want to overload the old computer. Check back here tomorrow for the updated scoreboard.

Challenges for today….

  1. Head butt challenge: Throw a mini tissue packet up in the air and head butt it as far as you can. How many cm did you get it? (If you don’t have a mini tissue packet, try a mini gummy bear packet or box of sultanas)
  2. Code-name challenge: Make up a codename. It’s that simple. We’ll use this codename when we give you points. Bonus points for the most creative name.
  3. Upside down selfie challenge: The name says it all, turn yourself upside down and take a selfie and send it to us.


In the first video, we meet Zac, who’s an inventor.

Can the HAWK Kingdom Seekers make a more successful gadget than Zac? What can you make? What will it do?

Try using Lego, Meccano, craft materials or anything else in your house.

By 6pm Thursday, email a photo of your gadget with your code name to

Submit your results from Day 1

  • When you are happy with your results of the ‘Codename Challenge’ and the ‘Headbutt Challenge’ submit them by clicking below.
  • Email us with your photos of your ‘Selfie’ and completed craft and activity sheets. If you submit by email, at the end of HAWK, we can email you back with virtual prizes.

Kingdom Seekers Video Day 1

Case #007: The Upside down kingdom


Time to jump up and down and spin around to ‘Be Happy’.

Be Happy!


Today you can make an upside-down pudding, complete a puzzle and make your own owl or crown. See below for details.

Family Discussion

Print off the family discussion page and sit down with an adult to talk over what you have learnt today.

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