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Book Review from Anne Trouncer – Eager to Serve by Ray Galea – 22nd Jan 2023

Book Review from Anne Trouncer – Eager to Serve by Ray Galea

I want to tell you of a gem of a book I’ve recently read. The title itself, Eager to Serve, captures much of what it means to be a cherished member of God’s family, & to live out our identity as his children; & the title is really the storyline of the book! Ray Galea planted a church in Sydney’s west more than 30 years ago, & this little book gives his account of God’s work within that church. 

God is honoured as members give their personal accounts of his gracious dealing with them. Despite the suffering of some, the common thread running through these stories is one of thankfulness & joy. 

Ray writes insightfully about joy, peace, & anxiety. His experience of these emotions, although personal to him, accord fully with God’s word on such things; thus, they became a source of encouragement for me, reminding me that the One who is our Maker, who knows us through & through, chooses to love us still! On the theme of the human heart, Ray points out the inevitability of mixed motives, while inspiring us with accounts of the effective use of God’s gifting. 

There is much wisdom here for daily living! And, as Ray writes: “we learn by having something modelled to us, not just through the sharing of information.” (p.119).

You are God’s gifted Waitara people. This short book is worthy of your time!

Galea, Ray: Eager to serve. Matthias Media, 2022. 160 pages.

Anne Trouncer