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9th July 2023 – Minister’s Letter – What’s happening in Ministry of Game

Minister’s Letter – What’s happening in Ministry of Game

I asked Richard Speyer for an update on Ministry of Game (MoG), in his capacity as a MoG committee member!

Richard, tell us about the what, where, when and why of MoG.

At Ministry of Game we run role-playing games over several weeks where 5-10 players take on a character, engaging with other players who each have their own role. Each game has a ‘story’ which is progressed using various equipment like dice, boards, cards etc. We meet at church on Tuesday nights at 6:45pm, beginning with dinner.

And the why?

It’s a good opportunity for Christians to meet with non-Christians. Historically the role-playing sub-culture has had uneasy interactions with churches, so it’s a chance to help people meet Jesus through the friendships that are made.

How can the rest of the church support this ministry?

Pray that those Christians who attend will have opportunities to share their knowledge and love of Jesus. If you are handy in the kitchen and are able to provide a simple meal for 20-30 people, then joining our roster once a term would be a great support. And if you are an adult who likes role-playing games, or you know an adult who does, then you can contact me via email or phone; my details are on the back of the bulletin!