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9th April – Minister’s Letter – Update from the Ongs in Malawi

Minister’s Letter – Update from the Ongs in Malawi

As we celebrate Easter, spare a thought for the Ongs who returned to the mission field in Malawi in February, only to greet Cyclone Freddy in March. The devastation is significant: 180,000 people are displaced, while over 300 relief camps have been set up. 

From their latest newsletter: Despite the inconveniences of not having electricity and running water, we are thankful that our house is still standing and we are all safe. But for many of our Malawian friends and the women of the Tiyamike Sowing School, that has not been the case. Many of their houses have collapsed and their belongings washed away.

They describe a scene from a local hospital: A young man that would have normally been saved in a Western hospital died because resources were not available to help him.  The morgue doors even became difficult to open due to the number of bodies stacked up in its way. 

The Ongs also report: It is really wonderful to see the outpouring of support by so many different people.  Teams are working together in good fellowship to organize and deliver supplies.  Adults, teenagers and youth carry and fetch items from the cars that are donating items for the flood affected victims, with no grumbling, just teamwork.

Ways we can help: pray for SIM and those organising relief efforts. Also, financial donations can be made through SIM’s website:

Martin Kemp