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8th October 2023 – Minister’s Letter – Creating a welcoming space

Minister’s Letter – Creating a welcoming space

Many of you would have noted a new lectern is in use here at church. We’ve also updated some of our microphones, and a new project to improve the lighting in the foyer is underway. These projects have been funded by a generous church member with a view to make our space as welcoming as possible. With our new initiative to increase the invitations we extend for others to join us at church (as marked by our pom-pom jars), we want to make sure our guests enter a pleasing environment.

The biggest change that we wish to make is to renew our seating. Many have noticed that the fabric on our church seats is falling apart. The manufacturer has confirmed that the red fabric has developed a reputation for falling apart prematurely, in our case 10 years. The most cost-effective way to fix the problem is to keep the frames but replace the cushions. This works out at $100 a chair. Could you pay for a chair or two? One  church family has already committed $5k to the cause.

Another way to help is to agree to take some of the older cushions and put them out during your next council clean-up/bulky waste collection. If we can get rid of all them that way that would help save a few dollars.

Oh, and the old lectern? We donated it to Eastwood Anglican church for use in one of the Chinese services, hence it remains in service! 

Martin Kemp