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7th May 2023 – Minister’s Letter – Praying for the ‘quiet doctors of the Church’

Minister’s Letter – Praying for the ‘quiet doctors of the Church’

The American theologian Katherine Sonderegger refers to those ministering to children as ‘the quiet doctors of the Church’. Doctor here means one who has a significant role in teaching the Christian faith to God’s people. A title traditionally given to famous dead men (not all of whom were white), Sonderegger applies it to those who have the honourable task of being the first teachers we encounter in the faith. 

Within our own church I was reminded of the significance of children’s ministry when speaking with Victoria Cameron about some of the questions our teachers field during school scripture lessons. Our scripture classes are teaching the book of Genesis at the moment, so you can imagine curious minds are speaking up. “Were Adam and Eve real people?” How would you answer that question? How have you answered that question in the past? And there are many other questions which deserve truthful and sensitive answers.

So pray for all our teachers, particularly those teaching the younger ones. And please don’t be put off by the reality of children’s difficult questions when considering whether you could join our team of ‘quiet doctors’. In response to some questions, I myself have had to say “I’ll get back to you on that”. Support in helping you craft an answer is available. Think about it!

Martin Kemp