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7th Jan 2024 – Minister’s Letter – Hello again!

Minister’s Letter – Hello again!

Happy New Year and hello again! This week I join you after a 10-week period of long service leave. Here are answers to questions some may have:

What happened to your planned trip to the Middle East?
It was cancelled. I received money back from the tour company, but nothing for my flights. I bought cheaper, non-refundable, transferable, or postponable tickets, and my insurance included a clause where they don’t cover disruption caused by war. All up I recovered about 50% of the trip’s total cost. 

What did you do instead?
Projects around the home, swimming in the ocean, hitting the gym, reading some books that have been on my list for a while, short trips away with family and friends, an increased amount of parenting!

Where did you go to church?
St John’s Asquith! Pray for them as their two clergy are moving on over the summer months.

Are you refreshed?
As much as a parent with two young children can be! I feel ready to be back at work, which is how I hoped to feel.

It’s great to be with you again as we spend January thinking about the grace of God in the Gospel of Luke.

Martin Kemp