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6th August 2023 – Staff letter – Update on our food pantry

Staff letter – Update on our food pantry

You may remember the pop-up pantry that operated from our front meeting room during COVID. In more recent months a pantry ministry has continued to run on a smaller scale from our foyer cupboard, meeting the needs of a small stream of locals who call on us for help. The pantry is supplied by a few very generous donors of tinned food, soup, long-life milk, pasta, tea and coffee.

In addition to helping those who come to us directly, we have been blessed to regularly have an overflow of goods that is then donated to Fusion Sydney North, located in Jersey Street Hornsby. Fusion provides over 100 hampers per week to families in need as well as cooked meals each weeknight to those who are struggling or even homeless.

Please thank God that we have this opportunity to serve in such a practical way. Pray for those who are working tirelessly in our community to show God’s grace and love, helping to feed families by providing hampers and pastoral care.

If you would like to help with donations to our pantry cupboard, please bring them along to church on Sunday or during office hours. The cupboard is located opposite the front doors. A list of suggested items is inside the door, or you can drop me a note and I’ll be happy to answer questions.

Vicki Carter