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4th June 2023 -Minister’s Letter – What’s happening in our youth work?

Minister’s Letter – What’s happening in our youth work?

I asked two of our leaders, Alex and Sharna, some questions about our youth work!

Tell us about the group you lead, and who leads it with you?

Alex: A group for high school students on Sunday mornings during the 10:00am service. Caitlin leads the group with me. Last term we studied the book of Job, and this week were looking at the Gospel of Mark.

Sharna: Joseph and Luke are my co-leaders and we run the Friday night group for high schoolers, 6:30pm-8:30pm at the church.

What things that have encouraged you in your ministry recently? 

Alex: How critically the students are starting to think. It’s different to a year ago! 

Sharna: Some of the more reserved students are becoming more confident to speak up and pray in front of the others.

What benefits have you received from leading this ministry?

Alex: If you’re going to teach something, you need to know it well yourself, so I’ve been pushed to know the Bible better.

Sharna: I’ve gained confidence in not only teaching the gospel to youth but also speaking of Jesus outside a church setting.

What can we pray for?

Sharna: That things continue to go well!

Alex: Prayers of thanks for sustained participation and engagement from the students and prayers for growth.