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30th July 2023 – Minister’s Letter – What’s happening in English Conversation Classes?

Minister’s Letter – What’s Happening in English Conversation Classes?

I asked Alison Heath, who is facilitating our new course of English conversation classes on Thursday mornings here at church (10:00am-12:00pm), a few questions.

Alison, you have been preparing a team to relaunch this ministry. What things have the team been doing in preparation? We’ve been doing the Anglicare training course to equip us to run the classes and to provide a warm welcome for those who come.

Are you taking students yet? Yes! Please come! Invite a neighbour!

What prospects excite you about the ministry? We’re aware that when migrants or refugees arrive they need three things: English skills, friendship, and a relationship with Jesus. We’ve seen this kind of ministry provide these things in other areas of Sydney.

What are you apprehensive about? The class has potential to be quite diverse in terms of their ethnicity and their English proficiency. Catering for their diverse needs will be challenging.  

Any other things to pray about? Pray we are welcoming. Pray our team develops the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the group.

Please take a moment to pray for Alison and her team as this ministry begins!

Martin Kemp