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30th April 2023 – Minister’s Letter – A great story from North-Western Australia

Minister’s Letter – A great story from North-Western Australia

Through the Morrisons serving in Broome, we have a connection with Anglican ministry in North-Western Australia. At Roebourne Prison, Anglican Chaplain Matt Warth opens the Bible with 16 prisoners in a weekly Bible study. “We take the study really slow and deliberate”, he says. “It’s a bit like an English comprehension class, to make sure they understand each word and the meaning.” They were studying Romans 5:8-9, which reads ‘while we were still sinners Christ died for us’. “This was very challenging for these men to accept.” Matt Walsh reports. “Though they believe they are at their worst, God deals with our guilt. No matter how far away you are from God, Jesus is still waiting for you! The men are all reflecting personally, with much wrestling and digesting of God’s word, which is a great encouragement.”

“I heard from one prisoner who doesn’t attend the group.” He continued. “He wanted to make a life change and so was watching others who appeared to have ‘their stuff together’. He asked a prisoner who attends the Bible study, ‘What makes you walk like you walk and talk like you talk?’ To his surprise, the man returned with a Bible with verses highlighted throughout and said, ‘This is what keeps me motivated every day’.”
The Spirit is at work in all matter of places. Pray for the ministry in our prisons, and for the ministry around you! How do you ‘walk and talk’? It’s great to have you with us today.

Martin Kemp