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2nd July 2023 – Staff Letter – From Richard Speyer

Staff Letter – From Richard Speyer

In C4K3-6 we’ve been looking at parables this term and I wanted to share some encouragement we’ve found.

We looked at Jesus Parable of the Sower, where a farmer scatters seed in what seems like all the wrong places. You can read the story in Luke chapter eight.

Jesus explains that the different places the seed falls represent the different responses people have to hearing God’s message. With some people, the message falls on deaf ears. Sometimes we fear that this will be the only response we see. Other people are excited about the message at first, but when life gets hard they give up. Seeing this happen to people we know can be quite discouraging. Still others seem interested, but the busyness and distractions of life always seem to take priority. But there are people who respond differently. One of the blessings I’ve had from being at this church for a long time is seeing people grow in their faith and pass the message on.

Be encouraged! God’s grace is amazing! As you talk about life with Jesus with people around you, you may feel like it’s a waste of time. People can’t hear it, or they give up, or they get busy. But remember, there will be those who do take the message to heart and even with only a few God can raise a bountiful harvest.

Richard Speyer