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28th Jan 2024 -Minister’s Letter – Lessons from Anna, Part 1

Minister’s Letter – Lessons from Anna, Part 1

Metanoia: A Memoir of a Body Born Again | Anna McGahanI’m reading Metanoia, the 2019 memoir by Anna McGahan, an Australian actress who became a Christian after journeying through an eating disorder, the rigors of actor training, a flirt with buddhism, bisexuality, and numerous broken relationships (and I’m only up to page 60 out of 300! Glancing ahead there’s a marriage and a difficult pregnancy, among other things). Honest, compelling, and beautifully written, the book offers a great insight into how God can bring lost people home. 

Before highlighting some of the bigger issues tackled in the memoir, here’s one line that made me think. Recalling the anger expressed by her neighbours and landlord after hosting a party that grew out of control, McGahan writes “I didn’t know how to handle discipline—experiencing it only as rejection and failure”. Wow! Isn’t there a world of wisdom in that line? It’s hard, but can we think of negative feedback as an opportunity for growth rather than a comment about our personal worth? This is exactly how the Bible (especially Proverbs and Hebrews) would have us think of it. There’s also a challenge for parents and leaders when disciplining others—how can we help those in our care experience our correction positively? An assuring follow-up conversation may be one tactic.

I’ll be sharing some more lessons from Anna over the coming weeks.

Martin Kemp