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26th March 2023 – Minister’s Letter – The Blessing of a Bequest

Minister’s Letter – The Blessing of a Bequest

At last week’s AGM the wardens and treasurer reported that our church has received the blessing of a bequest of $90,000 from the estate of the late Jill Harler. Jill was a member of our church from 1991 and served as a churchwarden in the years 1994-95. Verity Whitelaw, currently a member of our 6:00pm service, served on Parish Council with Jill, and remembers her as an “energetic and vibrant” woman. Former Rector Gordon Boughton and his wife Laylee remember Jill making quite thoughtful contributions to our parish life together. Now Jill’s contribution to our church life continues with this remarkable gift. The wardens have put the money in a term deposit with other church funds before working out how it might be used.

Have you considered making a bequest in your will? Such gifts can impact gospel ministry for many years after you’ve gone. Consider that Moore College has been training people for ministry for 167 years, and that the college started with a bequest from Thomas Moore’s estate. Sizeable bequests can fund staff positions in perpetuity, purchase property and fund long-term improvements to our facilities. A gift to our church allows you to continue serving future generations of local people as they hear and respond to the news of Jesus. On our website (under the ‘giving’ tab) you will find some wording you can have inserted into your will to name our church as a beneficiary … and you do have a will, don’t you?!

Martin Kemp