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25th June 2023 – Staff Letter – From Victoria Cameron

Staff Letter – From Victoria Cameron

Every 3 years the ministry staff are required to attend a conference focusing on aspects of the Faithfulness in Service code of conduct for clergy and church workers. This year the focus was on two recommendations from the recent Royal Commission on child abuse: protective behaviours and pastoral supervision.

Protective behaviour training is age-appropriate education that provides children with the language and understanding to stand up to and report abuse. Parents are the primary educators of their children but organisations, like our church, need to enable children to have a voice and feel safe. The Child Safe Standards have been introduced to help organisations to address protective behaviours and the Anglican diocese is committed to helping churches implement them. The Safe Ministry training for leadership now covers these standards and we continue to adjust our programming at C4K and Youth groups to add in children’s voices and provide them with information about where to seek help if needed. 

Some great resources for parents to train children in protective behaviours were presented: ‘Protecting God’s Children’ and ‘You are God’s marvellous Creation’ from the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth and you can find these available on their website.

If you’d like to find out more about the conference please speak to Martin, Richard, Nick or myself. 

Victoria Cameron