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24th September 2023 – Minister’s Letter – Anglicare at Work

Minister’s Letter – Anglicare at Work

Today we welcome Michael Aitken from Anglicare as he preaches at our services. In a recent Anglicare newsletter, I was encouraged by the following report from one of Anglicare’s aged care chaplains.

At our centre we have both frail aged and dementia clients. They share lots with me, not only about their faith journey but about significant things that have happened in their life, things they’ve enjoyed and things that have saddened them. One resident would observe everything I did but not really engage with me. He came and sat with me one day and wanted to know what I was doing, and eventually let out this very big sigh and said, ‘I’m ready to hear about God now.’ I asked him what he wanted to know and he said: ‘tell me everything.’ So we talked about God, about Jesus, and about the client’s own story. He told me about some hurt and sadness and bitterness he had towards God and towards Christian people but said that he wanted to learn more about the love of Jesus. At the end of our initial conversation, he said ‘I’ve really appreciated having you on site because you haven’t wanted to Bible bash me, you just wanted to be my friend.’ And from then on we were good friends, and had God conversations, and he felt comfortable which was really special.

As the story demonstrates, evangelism is an activity requiring patient endurance. But the hard work is worth it when barriers come down and people become more receptive. Oh, and please ensure you would know what to say if someone said to you “I’m ready to hear about God now”!

Martin Kemp