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23rd July 2023 – Staff Letter: HAWK was Awesome!!!

Staff Letter: HAWK was Awesome!!!

On Friday we gathered for our biggest children’s ministry event of the year, HAWK. With just over 30 children and a great team of leaders and junior leaders we ran a whole day of songs, games, activities, drama and Bible stories.

Our theme of time travel enabled us to have a lot of fun exploring the great news of Jesus’ resurrection. Our small groups discussed what it means to say Jesus is the risen Lord and how he saves us from sin and death.

We had the puppet “Professor von Razza” and his time machine, with his helpers Andy and Adele who explored the life of Jesus.

A time travelling band from 2020 provided us with music recorded in lockdown!

We learned the memory verse Romans 10:9 “So you will be saved if you honestly say, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and if you believe with all your heart that God raised him from death.” The children even sang it to nursery rhyme tunes.

Our leaders prepared heaps of great activities including making wind chimes, catapults, clocks and yummy pastries.

Give thanks to God for a great day with wonderful weather and for everyone who joined the team or helped with preparations and all the children and families we saw on the day.

Richard Speyer