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23rd April 2023 – Mission partner’s letter – a note from Karen Sowden

Mission partner’s letter – a note from Karen Sowden

A very warm hello from your mission partner Karen Sowden, promoting Jesus amongst International Students at Sydney Uni! It’s wonderful to be here visiting you today. I have just returned from maternity leave and am back on campus 3 days a week with the Evangelical Union. With our three daughters, Tim & I are very grateful for your support and prayers, especially as we welcomed Renee into our family this past year. She is now 10 months and is busy trying to walk and keep up with her sisters Lydia (8) and Chloe (4).

I love working with university students as they are full of enthusiasm, keen to explore life and have a desire to change the world. They traditionally have more time to engage in the big questions of life. However, since Covid, more online learning and financial pressures, this extra time is being eaten up by more time at home and part time jobs. Finding common time for students to meet is becoming a big headache. Pray for us as we wrestle with this challenge into the future.

I also love learning about other cultures and am constantly in the learner’s seat. This week I have been puzzling over how to welcome my Chinese neighbour’s father who is visiting. He does not speak English so I thought a present would be a good idea.  So far, I have been advised to buy him large round bright fruit, maybe mangoes or oranges, something that looks nice. Am I on the right track?

Karen Sowden – SUEU FOCUS Senior Staff – The University of Sydney