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22nd October 2023 – Minister’s Letter – Signing off, thinking about 2024, and an anniversary!

This will be my last letter to you until 2024, as I’m taking long service leave from tomorrow (23rd Oct) until the end of the year. My planned trip to Egypt, Jordan and Israel is looking doubtful because of the violence that has erupted, so it looks like I will be staying put here in Sydney. Jasmine and the boys will probably still attend church here in my absence, while I will attend elsewhere for a few months. Pray that despite the change in plans, this time of leave will be refreshing, and that I’ll get my money back for the trip! In my absence Nick Speyer will be the acting minister.

When I return we’ll start preparing for a week of focused evangelistic activity between the 7th and the 14th of April, when, together with other local churches, we’ll host a group of students from Moore Theological College who will partner with us in ministry. In the meantime, a series of prayer meetings will be held to seek God’s blessing ahead of this time of mission. The next two meetings are Thurs 9th November, 7:30-8:30pm at Normanhurst Anglican (2 Kenley Rd); and Thursday 7th December, 7:30-8:30pm here at Waitara Anglicanit would be great to have as many of our own church members as possible at the meeting we are hosting. 

A final note: last week (Oct 12th) Vicki Carter celebrated 13 years as our office manager! Thanks, Vicki, for all you do to help us, and we pray God will bless you as you continue to bless us in your role.

Martin Kemp