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2022 Synod Report Part 2 – Ministry outside the Diocese

2022 Synod Report Part 2 – Ministry outside the Diocese.

Each year Synod receives a presentation about ministry in other parts of the world supported by Sydney Anglicans. We heard about the revival happening in southern Madagascar. The Anglican church there is in the middle of an incredible work of the Spirit, as literally thousands are being baptised at a time, all in a season of drought and famine! But the needs of the churches remain immense. One parish (not diocese, parish) has 90 churches and one trained minister. Sydney has supplied Bibles, famine relief, and theological training resources for use in their growing Bible college. Leaders of churches there are in regular contact with Sydney people for encouragement and support. It really is a functional mission partnership between two groups of Anglicans. Pray for them.

Over the past 4 years Sydney has paid the costs for the Bishop and Registrar of Bathurst Diocese just over the Blue Mountains. Bishop Mark Calder is slowly bringing new life to a diocese that had passed the point of ‘viability’, as some might say. Parish vacancies are being filled, and churches are being revitalised. Not quite Madagascar, but certainly encouraging. Synod agreed to continue our support. 

These stories remind us that God brings spiritual life where we might only see death. I will put breath in you, and you will come to life. Ezekiel 37:6.

Martin Kemp