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2022 Synod Report, Part 1: Location Location Location!

2022 Synod Report, Part 1: Location, Location, Location!

Every year the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney meets over 5 days in September. Attending along with me (Marty) are our two elected parish reps: Ian Carpenter and Ian Steward (sadly Ian Steward’s attendance has been interrupted by the unexpected death of his mother last Monday).

The first points of business were about real estate. We passed a bill locking in 10 more years of a 2% levy on income receipts paid by all parishes to the diocesan Mission Property Fund. This will allow the Anglican Church Growth Corporation to take out a $20m loan with which they will purchase sites for new churches in south-western and north-western Sydney. I think it’s a smart move. 

A few weeks ago, I met with local Rectors to discuss plans by Hornsby Council to build huge residential towers and offices around Hornsby station. Not all growth is happening in the south-west and north-west! Synod passed a motion asking for input towards a city-wide property strategy. I’ll make a submission attempting to ensure our own rapidly changing neck of the woods is not overlooked. If you have ideas as to what Anglican churches should be doing locally property-wise, let me know over the next few weeks.