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16th July 2023 – Minister’s Letter – What’s happening in Children’s Work

Minister’s Letter – What’s happening in Children’s Work

I asked Victoria Cameron a few questions about Children’s ministry here at Waitara Anglican.

Can you give us an overview of the weekly children’s work here at church?

Wednesday afternoon we teach scripture at Waitara Public, 7 classes taught by 4 teachers. Sunday morning we have 3 different age groups meeting: Little Saints (2 years through to pre-schoolers), and C4K (‘Church for Kids’) meeting as 2 groups K-2 and 3-6.

What topic have the C4K children been learning about in term 2, and what’s on the agenda for term 3?

In term 2, K-2 have been talking about work and rest, as well as studying parables. In term 3 this group will look at the Sermon on the Mount. 3-6 have been looking at parables, and will be looking at an overview of the Bible in term 3.

What else happens during the year?

HAWK is our July children’s programme, and has just happened! We’ve just started taking a group to the Square One camp run by Anglican Youthworks each November. We have occasional outings like family bushwalks, plus special activities for children at things like our annual carols service in December. 

How can the church support children’s work?

Pray our leaders will continue to do excellent work, and that they will enjoy their ministry. Pray our efforts will help form young disciples with deep and genuine faith. Pray for smooth transitions for children between age groups. Pray for more families to join our church with children in the Little Saints age group.