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15th October 2023 – Minister’s Letter – CrossFit and Church 

Minister’s Letter – CrossFit and Church 

This week I’ve had a trial run at a CrossFit gym. As I limped home it struck me that as a newcomer my experience was like those visiting church for the first time. Here’s what I mean:

At CrossFitAt Church
Look at all these fit people. I don’t belong!Look at all these holy people. I don’t belong!
Oh my gosh, I’m about to collapse!God is going to strike me with lightning.
What does ‘30x TTB EMOM’ mean? ‘Eternally begotten of the Father’ … pardon?
Do I do this standing up or sitting down? Do I stand up? Oh, we’re sitting down!
How long does this activity go for? It’s been twenty minutes already!How long does this sermon go for? It’s been twenty minutes already!
After an hour: “Thank goodness that’s over!”After a bit more than an hour: “Thank goodness that’s over!”

It was a humbling experience! But CrossFit are aware that it can be daunting. The trainer sent me a couple of texts after my first visit, asking how I found it and encouraging me to keep going! They urge a deliberate culture of peer support: other members went out of their way to encourage me and explain to me what was going on, and they worked hard at remembering my name. Surely these are steps we can copy here at church! Let’s make it as easy for visitors as possible—start by learning a newcomer’s name and use it again the following week!

Martin Kemp