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14th May 2023 – Minister’s Letter – Happy Mother’s Day!

Minister’s Letter – Happy Mother’s Day!

Welcome to church on the day that marks the important role of mothers. While it’s a day many women look forward to, we also recognise that for others it’s a day of sadness: some long to be mothers, some miss their mothers, others regret how things have worked out with their mothers. Hopefully we can give a prayer of thanks for the role our own mothers have played in our lives.

Turning to the Bible, we see how the faith of mothers (and grandmothers) can have a momentous impact. Writing to Timothy, Paul reflects on the faith of his young co-worker, “which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also” (2 Tim 1:5). It was these women who taught Timothy from the scriptures when he was an infant (2 Tim 2:15). Timothy became an important church leader in the New Testament era under Paul’s mentorship, but the Apostle recognized the foundation provided by these faithful women.

Church history also provides some interesting examples. Augustine of Hippo (St Augustine to some) went completely off the rails as a young man. As his spirit was slowly being awakened to Christ he prayed “Lord, make me chaste … but not yet!” He finally surrendered all to Jesus, and who had been praying? His mother Monica. 

Mothers, your own faith and prayers are powerful. Don’t give them up! Christians, if your own mother is or was a woman of faith, then praise God her prayers were answered with your own salvation.

Martin Kemp