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11th June 2023 – Staff Letter – from Vicki Carter

Staff Letter – from Vicki Carter

The first weeks of June mark the beginning of another new season. Welcome to church today and we hope that whatever season of life that you’re in, you can truly grasp God’s grace.

In the bustle of busyness, we can grow to know that God is ever the same (Heb 13:8) He is with us and loves us, and as we strive to grow to be more like Jesus, let’s ask Him to teach us wisdom and compassion. God’s wisdom is pure, peaceful, loving, gentle, merciful, and accompanied by the fruit of good deeds.

There is plenty of work to do, and as we see the news each day of sadness and difficulties, of war and conflict, finding that elusive peace and joy can seem far off. None of us are perfect and we feel each other’s pain but let us leave church today with an energy that comes from hearing God’s word read aloud, praying together, singing his praises, and enjoying each other’s company over coffee.

Notice the small things in His beautiful creation and embrace each new season! The colours of the trees, the sunset skies—let these prompt you to point this out to those around you and connect with people who might need to be encouraged or invited.

The start of each new day ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit and you’ll be amazed seeing where He turns up!

Blessings to you,

Vicki Carter