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10 Sept 2023 – Minister’s Letter – Welcome to Matt King! And a new initiative…

Minister’s Letter – Welcome to Matt King! And a new initiative…

Greetings from COVID isolation! As I write our family is enduring its second round of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. So far we’re suffering symptoms akin only to a heavy cold. Good health is a gift from God that shouldn’t be taken for granted!

Today we welcome Matt King to each of our services. Matt is a local boy, growing up in the rectory of St Paul’s Wahroonga where his father, the late Brian King, was rector. Today Matt joins us as a representative of Anglican Aid. Did you know that Anglican Aid is involved in 142 projects in 39 different countries? The scope of their work is incredible. Check out their website for a fuller picture.

We are taking this opportunity to launch a new initiative here at church. For over a year our barista quality coffee has been offered free of charge. This will continue! But we are adding a money box at the machine for those who would like to donate a few coins towards an Anglican Aid project. The project we have in mind is the Refugee Egypt project that runs out of All Saints Anglican Cathedral in Cairo. This project supports refugees from places like Syria and Sudan through education, health and child support services. Liza Hazelton from our 8:30 service worked with this ministry when she served as a missionary in Egypt some years ago. A coin per coffee, or a note once a month, can help us remember those with less as we enjoy our comforts!

Martin Kemp