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Home Sunday School
Victoria Cameron

Children’s Ministry Resources for ‘Home Sunday Schooling’

It is important at this time to continue to stay close to God and his word. For young people, the best way to do this will be for parents to ‘home Sunday school’. To assist families in doing this we have compiled some resources you may find helpful. Have a think about which resources you might use to provide for your children.

Coronavirus Update

Sunday services suspended At our staff meeting this week we made the decision that, in light of the social distancing recommendations being issued by health

Coronavirus precautions at Waitara Anglican

Part of the very definition of being a church is that we congregate together. In fact, that’s what the original word church meant: an assembly of people!

Answered prayers in 2019

As we look back over the year, it’s interesting to review how our prayers have been answered during the last twelve months of our church