Our Beliefs


As a Christian church we believe human beings and God share an important family history. 

We believe in a God who is our heavenly Father; he loves us, provides for us, is concerned about us, and is the reason behind our existence.  

But we also believe that we humans have proved ourselves to be disrespectful, rebellious and ungrateful children. We reject his love, dismiss his guidance and rules, and seek to be soothed by other types of parents.

However, because of his undying love for us, God the Father sent God the Son— known to the world as Jesus of Nazareth—to bring us back into the family. Jesus willingly took upon himself the consequences of our actions so that our relationship with God the Father might be healed and restored.

We believe that God the Holy Spirit is with all those who are trusting in Jesus to bring us back to the Father. The Spirit makes us brothers and sisters of Jesus and of one another, and he enables us to call God Father.

These truths (and more) are laid out for us in the Bible, which we trust and read as God’s message to us. We believe that as God’s children we should meet together for encouragement as we seek to live with God as our Father, Christ as our brother and the Holy Spirit as our helper.

We are part of a larger group of churches that go by the name of Anglican. For a fuller picture of what Anglicans believe, you may like to read through the thirty-nine Articles of Religion.