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Weekly update for week ending 3rd December 2017

Thu, 30/11/2017 - 15:25 -- Vicki

Week ending 3rd December 2017


Dear Friends,


Thanks for subscribing to our weekly news. Please contact the office if there is news you would like to share or answers to prayer we can all be thankful for.


Church life


Prayer Meeting – 7th Dec 2017

Our prayer meeting for December will be held at the Kemp’s place at 15 Dudley St Asquith, from 2:00pm on Thursday Dec 7th. Afternoon tea will be served. If you can make it, Marty and Jas (and Theo) would love to see you there! If you would like a lift, please contact the office: 9489 4793, office@waitaraanglican.com.au


HCEC and Kumon

For everyone’s information – we now have two tenants renting parts of our facility on a weekly basis. The Hornsby Chinese Education Centre (HCEC) is using our front meeting room on Thursday and Friday afternoons to conduct language lessons for primary-aged children. The Kumon company is conducting maths and language tutoring for primary-aged children on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons in the back hall. Both groups use our facility from 3:30pm until the early evening (HCEC until 5:30pm, Kumon until 6:30pm).


These arrangements were agreed to by our wardens on the provision that they don’t interfere with our current ministry programs. The rent was set to be comparable with other locally available spaces, such as council buildings. Both parties have signed a licence with us to use these specific spaces at these designated times, and these licences will be reviewed regularly.


As both groups are only using part of the building, there is no need for church members to feel that the rest of the building is off-limits. Both tenants expect that sometimes there will be other church activities going on. So if you are on the flower roster and you need to be in the building on Saturday afternoon, then feel free to come as planned! But please have a smile ready to greet those who are using our space!


Church cleaning

In light of the new arrangements above, the Parish Council have decided pay for a cleaner once a week using some of the rental income that we are now receiving. This means the particular cleaning roster that we’ve been filling over the past few years will now no longer be needed.


HOWEVER, the cleaner is only coming once a week on Saturday nights to ensure our facility looks its best on Sunday morning. Our facility is used almost every other day of the week, so if EVERY GROUP could clean up after itself, that would be great! Please ensure that you vacuum the rooms you use after you finish, and that the toilets are tidy. If you see a full bin, could you take the initiative and empty it out into the red bins out the back and replace the bin liner? A little bit of thoughtfulness on this matter will go a long way!


Resources from Mike Wilson

Last week Mike Wilson from SIM was our guest preacher. He brought a few copies of his publications – short guides to ministry among men and women of differing cultural backgrounds. These were snapped up on the day, however electronic versions of these are available for free through the following link:



Upcoming Sermons

Bishop Chris Edwards and his wife Belinda will be with us this Sunday and Chris will finish off our series in the OT book of Ruth.

After that we will start a series in the book of James, but then break that series for Christmas and January before picking up this series in James again in late February. Peter Ong and family (some of our link missionaries) will be with us on Sunday Feb 11.


How about you read through the book of James a number of times over the summer? Short study guides on James will be available in the foyer and they will also be on our website for downloading. Bible study leaders may wish to consider starting this series in February, as the bulk of James sermons will be preached next year.


Advent Bible Reading Links

Speaking of Bible reading, Advent (the weeks leading up until Christmas) is a great season to recommit yourself to personal Bible reading. There are numerous reading guides available to help you reconnect with God’s word in this season. Making time for this activity each and every day is a good way to fight against the busyness of the season (and to maintain your sanity!). Here are three that we’ve found on the internet:





Men’s Ministry

Thanks to everyone who has returned their expression of interest form – and a reminder to those who have not yet done so ... we’d love to hear from you to help us shape our plans.

Phil White would like to hear from guys interested in joining him for bike rides (mountain or road) and/or short bush walks around the area. If you might be interested, please email the Church office



G4K – Games For Kids

If you know children in Years 4-6 next year, perhaps ask them to join us in 2018 for Games For Kids. Starting next year on Friday afternoons in school term, the group will meet from 3.30pm until 5.30pm. This will be a fun time with friends, board games, a lesson from the Bible and will include afternoon tea. $30 per term. Please email your registration interest to the church office: office@waitaraanglican.com.au


Housing Request

Katherina and daughter Ruby Bilko are looking to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom flat, granny flat or house sit for 14 months commencing end January 2018 (or earlier) while Katherina completes her Diploma of Nursing at The San. She can afford up to $350/400 per week. 


If you or you know of someone who may be able to help, please contact her on mobile 0433155554. She has minimal other furniture that is second hand and is happy to give it away if the space is small. 


Please pray for them that God will continue to provide, that their needs will be met, that Ruby doesn’t need to change schools, that they can stay in the area and that anxiety levels be low during this stressful time. 


Holiday House needed

We are planning to have a young adults weekend away early next year (in February) and were wondering whether anyone in the church might own or have access to a holiday house not more than a couple of hours from Sydney? Let Matt or Leonie Morrison know if you have any ideas! mattmorrison1308@gmail.com; leonie10@gmail.com


Prayers for this week


Pray for the Christmas ministry in churches all around the world. Pray for those preparing messages and arranging services, that their efforts might bear fruit by means of people believing and trusting in Jesus.


Pray for our church and the special services we are planning for the Christmas season. Pray that our cards might be well received by people in our area. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prompt people to attend our church and respond to the message about Jesus.


Pray for the new age our country is about to enter into with the likely alteration of the marriage act. Pray that the mission of churches and church agencies might overcome any renewed censoring of Biblical truths in the public arena.


Give thanks for all those who volunteer in our ministries to young people. Pray that God might refresh them over the summer months, and that 2018 might be a great year in ministry amongst our younger disciples.


Pray for those who are caring for a relative or friend who is chronically ill. Pray that those caring will themselves be cared for, and that God will strengthen them as they perform this particular act of service.


Pray for the new staff joining the EU Graduates Fund team in 2018 as they minister among students at the University of Sydney. Pray for Karen Sowden and her work with new staff who are arriving from overseas to be trained.


Blessings from your team at church,

Marty, Emily, Nick, Richard, Matt, and Vicki



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